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Our family-owned business has been one of the renowned businesses in the wine-growing community Glanz an der Weinstraße. Only together it is possible to operate such a business – we value and respect the work of every single family member highly and try to combine tradition and innovation.

The New Generation

Franz jun.

  • Administration of the whole business
  • Responsibility for the work in the vineyards
  • Cellar economy – from the vinification to the bottling of the wine
  • Wine logistics
  • Wine and schnapps tasting
  • Innovative wine-grower with total conviction


  • Administration and management of the whole business
  • Responsible for the guest rooms (reservation, breakfast, etc.)
  • Domestic economy
  • Wine and schnapps selling

The Old Generation

Franz sen.

  • Franz senior
  • Work in the vineyards and in the whole business
  • Production of schnapps and liqueur
  • Wine and schnapps tasting
  • Wine-selling


  • Erna takes care of the physical well-being of the family
  • Responsibility for the flowers and the vegetable garden
  • Simply “maid-of-all-work“ and indispensable

The Next Generation

Armin, Emilia & Franziska

Our greatest fortune!