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The commune Glanz an der Weinstraße is home of one of the best location in the wine growing country Rebenland: Pössnitz-Pockenberg. There we cultivate our vines – very close to nature and mild. We plant innovative ideas on our wine-growing are of about 5 hectares and are honest in what we do. The logical consequence of our work is creating the highest quality as possible.

The calcareous slope is very shallow, the depressions consists of decalcified brown soil. The vineyards have little water retention and therefore the vines spread their roots in order to find water and minerals in the ground. The wines from this layer are characterized by their mineral feature and already develop a readily identifiable typicity in their juvenile stage and have a high longevity.

But in summary, we just love drinking good wine. You do too? Then you shouldn’t miss our vineyard.