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Wine cellar

For the vinification of our white wines, our stainless steel tank cellar is available and for the development of our red wines particularly we also have a barrique cellar. With barrique barrels in mind you can try our wine and brandies in the showroom afterwards.

The development of particularly white wines in stainless steel tanks supports verifiable the pure character of the individual grape variety. An essential advantage is here the controlled fermentation. The significant acidity, which is very important for white wine, is preserved at the following ripening in the tank and the wine appears, fresh, fruity and juvenile.

For the fermentation of the red wine we practice an open mash fermentation in a barrel, which is exercised in all wine-growing regions of the world besides the fermentation in oak wood fermentation tanks. We aim for color intensive and fruity red wines. After the fermentation, they are stored for further aging in small barriques or in big oak wood barrels.