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Wines from the location Pockenberg are made of ripe exquisite grapes solely from the reed Pockenberg. Those are stored for a few months on the yeast and partly in small oak wood barrels before they are bottled. Pockenberg wines are characterized by their harmonious balance between fruit acidity, weight and minerals as well as a considerable longevity. 

Special quality wine

For the vinification of special quality wines we only use selected grapes from the best locations. Those must age at the vine until the rather high water content in the grapes is evaporated and the pulp of the berries reached its final fructose concentration.

Superior table wine

Superior table wine white 1 l

Superior table wine, Alc.: 11,5 % Vol., acidity 6,0 g/l, residual sugar 3,0 g/l

Superior table wine red 1 l

Superior table wine, Alc.: 12,5 % Vol., acidity 5,0 g/l, residual sugar 2,5 g/l

Archive wine

We store a series of archive wines in our wine cellar. There you can still taste the power of the sun of past decades. Take pot luck.

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